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K Carrington 2 Aug 2017
    This company is so professional, efficient and the prices are competitive. I have ordered from pro-active on numerous occasions and they dispatch quickly with free postage. Would highly recommend quicksilver scientific products as they are a superior quality. First class all round.
Louise Ostendorf 13 Mar 2017
    The Quicksilver products are fantastic and the service exceptional. Proactive Healthcare are proactive and I will definitely making them my go to company for the supply of the best of the nutriceuticals. They know their stuff!
Kyria Amtsfeld 3 Jan 2017
    Love the products and the service is great!
Kirsten McGarrie 2 Nov 2016
    Excellent Product. Excellent customer service. Excellent free delivery. I keep returning.
Mrs Cooper 4 Jun 2014
    Absolutely love the Quicksilver Scientific range of products and am very impressed by the support from Proactive Healthcare. Response to emails is always so fast and my products always arrive promptly. I am so glad to have found a European supplier of these products who was also able to recommend a practitioner to me. Many thanks.
J. Malcolm 29 May 2014
    I have used high dose vitamin C for years very successfully. About a year ago I read >curing the incurable> and have found lypospheric vitamin C extremely useful for when an exceptionally high dose is needed.Absolutely wonderful and I would not be without it.