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Aqua Nu Water Jug Nymph

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Aqua Nu Water Jug Nymph

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Have you ever thought of how pure the water is in your jug even if filtered? The longer the water stays in the jug the more prone it is to bacterial contamination. Finally, a water purification device that lasts up to 6 months prevents bacterial contamination providing great tasting fresh water.

The new innovative AquaNu Nymph is designed to ensure your water stays purer and fresher for longer.

It couldn’t be simpler. Pop it into any water jug and the new innovative AquaNu Nymph protects against biofilms and harmful bacteria invasion.

The AquaNu Nymph improves the quality and taste of your drinking water, guaranteeing your enjoyment and is ideal for cooking healthy tastier food.


IMPORTANT: On first usage make sure all the water container/vessel surfaces are clean. The technology is focused on keeping water clean and not fighting existing contamination.

To maintain your Water Jug Nymph rinse the nymph weekly, if required gently scrub under running water.


Prevents Biofilm
Protects against harmful bacteria
Keeps water purer, fresher & safer
Remineralizes  and alkalises water
Lasts for 6 months

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