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The Almag covers a large area of the body although it is a local system.

It produces a single frequency (7.8 Hz) at a relatively high intensity of 200 Gauss (20,000 microTesla).

This system will begin running once it is plugged in, and will automatically shut off after about 20 minutes. Because the Almag has no buttons, if you want to run 2 sessions in a row, you must unplug the system and then plug it back in to make the program start again.

How it works

When you buy Almag-1 manufactured by ELAMED, you can expect your device to come with a pulse generator, four emitters, PEFM indicator, and connection cables. All these components are included in the Almag-01 price. The set is suitable for both hospital and home applications. As for the operation principle of Almag-01, it is based on low-frequency PEMF. The device produces electromagnetic fields which feature frequencies within that range of a human body. It then directs these fields to damaged organs and makes them penetrate tissues as deep as 8 cm through four emitters. Consequently, this helps body cells stimulate the natural healing process and treat injuries directly.

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  1. Type of AC power supply;
    • ~230V (-10%; +6%) with 50Hz in frequency;
  2. Size of components:
    • 137x60x44 mm for a power supply;
    • 15x90 mm for each emitter (Almag-01 comes with four emitters);
    • up to 0.62 kg in weight.
  3. Please note that max. deviations can be ±3%.
  4. Power consumption: ≤ 35 VA.
  5. Working frequency of the magnetic field: 6 Hz.
  6. Duration of pulse generation: 1.5-2.5 ms.
  7. Amplitude of magnetic induction on the flat surface of an emitter - 20±6 mT.
  8. Two indicator lights show when the device is connected to a power supply and when the process of PEMF generation starts.
  9. Features of a 6-hour operation mode:
    • deactivation of the field in 22 minutes after the 50Hz device starts working;
    • deactivation of the field in 18 minutes after the 60Hz device starts working;
    • standby mode of at least 10 minutes between operation cycles.
  10. Maximum operating temperature:
    • +45°C for a control unit;
    • +41°C for emitters.
  11. Average service life: 8 years.
  12. All components of the device are made of hypoallergenic materials. Plus, they can be disinfected using any approved disinfection solution.
  13. MDD 93/42/EEC classification - Class IIa.

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