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For you, if you are interested in a nutrient booster supplement for beautiful, healthy skin

The three-part nutrient booster formula of Skin Defense can:

  • Help fight the appearance of wrinkles with a novel extract blend
  • Protect your skin by bolstering its natural defenses against the oxidative stress
  • Help retain moisture and promote a healthy skin barrier with phytoceramides
  • Encourage collagen production and cell protection with vitamin C

The formula of Daily Skin Defense help supporting three vital aspects of skin health: hydration, collagen production and protection against everyday oxidative stress.

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Health benefits at a glance:
It’s possible to beautify and fortify your skin at the same time. Daily Skin Defense can help hydrate and keep your skin beautiful, fight the appearance of wrinkles and bolster your skin’s natural defenses against the oxidative stress caused by pollutants and UV exposure.

Why it works:
Your skin is beautiful and protects you from the elements. But those protective efforts take their toll, and we’re not just talking about cosmetic changes.
Maintaining youthful skin structure and function can not only keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful, but help your skin do its primary job: protect you from the everyday elements of oxidative stress around you. Daily Skin Defense was formulated to do just that.

The science behind the product:
The three-part nutrient booster formula of Daily Skin Defense capsules:
Zeropollution®: Four plant extracts for your skin
The patented Zeropollution® blend combines rosemary and olive leaf with lemon verbena and Japanese pagoda tree. Why these four? We’ll show you:
Lemon verbena and rosemary: Lemon verbena compounds as well as rosemary polyphenols both help fight free radical compounds—which reduces oxidative stress: making this combo good for your delicate skin.
Olive leaf and Japanese pagoda tree: Olives are another strong source of polyphenols. So why Pagoda tree? This tree is packed with quercetin, a phytonutrient known for its cellular stress fighting properties.
Over 90% improvement: In a 12-week study, a hundred women with sensitive skin were given Zeropollution® or a placebo. Measurements of oxidative stress, hydration, elasticity, firmness and smoothness were taken. The results were measurable differences in skin health, moisture, improvements in skin radiance as well as reductions in the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. (1)

Myoceram®: highly concentrated rice ceramides
Ceramides help retain moisture in your skin. They also help maintain your skin’s healthy barrier function, which not only improves skin texture and appearance, but helps keep out pollutants and other elements of your environment that are best kept outside of your body.
Myoceram® is a gluten and allergen free ceramide derived from rice that helps inhibit trans epidermal water loss from your skin. In a 12-week study, 123 healthy volunteers received either Myoceram® or placebo. Those getting the rice ceramide recorded significant improvements in skin hydration. (2,3)

Vitamin C: the beauty vitamin
The last part of our formula is vitamin C. Vitamin C can scavenge free radicals, which can take their toll on the look and overall health of your skin. (4) Vitamin C also encourages collagen production in preclinical studies. Collagen is the most common protein in your body and one of the primary building blocks of your skin.
How to use:
  • Try Daily Skin Defense: a once daily formula to help protect your skin from the inside out.

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