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Try Vitamin C stocked in our UK shop for incredible health benefits. Liposomal Vitamin C are spherical vesicles containing Vitamin C nutrient, which gets administrated directly to the cells when taken. Therefore, liposomal vitamin C is more powerful than the traditional vitamin C. It's a staggering innovation helping the body to restore peace and harmony, available in our UK stores.

Liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C turns out to be effective, as it delivers significant health benefits. Indeed, liposomal Vitamin C will reinforce your immune cells and improve your overall conditions, as your heart, lung or blood sugar.

Buy Liposomal Vitamin C from Leading Brands

Our range of Liposomal Vitamin C includes several nutrients from the best European laboratory, like Altrient C with a bioavailability up to 98%! Lipolife, including the new Apple C, the most absorb-able liposomal Vitamin C. And Quicksilver Scientific, essential for detoxification programme.

The liposomal encapsulated nutrients we stock in the UK: liposomal Vitamins, liposomal Vitamin B, liposomal Glutathione.

5 Day elderberry immune chewable tablets
5 Day Elderberry Immune | 40 Chewable Tablets | Berry Flavour | 30% SALE LOW PRODUCT EXPIRY END 07/2022 £9.06
Adrenal Complex | 120 Capsules | Designs For Health £49.95
Altrient Lypospheric Vitamin C - 30 Sachets £39.99
Ascorbic Acid | Vitamin C | 250 Capsules | Thorne Research £46.80
Bio.Clear Virome | 90 Capsules | Invivo Therapeutics £36.50
Black Elderberry & Vitamin C | 60 Veg Caps | Life Extension | 30% SALE LOW PRODUCT EXPIRY END 07/2022 £15.36
Buffered Vitamin C Powder | 16oz £29.95
Clear Skin Acne Prevention 30 Topical Patches | PatchAid £16.95
Daily Skin Defense | 30 Veg Caps | Life Extension £26.95
Effervescent Vitamin C - Magnesium Crystals | 180 grams | Life Extension (70% Sale SHORT EXPIRY) £6.59
Fast-C® and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome | 60 Caps £19.95
GI Hist Support | 60 Capsules | Neurobiologix £48.95
Immunity Gummies | zinc | vitamin C | vitamin D | Acerola cherry | Trace Minerals £24.95
Ionic Zinc + Vitamin C 2oz | Trace Minerals £12.95
Life Extension Two-Per-Day Capsules - Multi vitamin 120 caps £23.95
Lipolife Gold Liposomal Vitamin C - soy free 250ml £37.95
Lipolife Immu-POW Vitamin C & D3 - 250ml - Liposomal £24.99
Lipolife LVC6 Vitamin C & Quercetin 250ml £36.95

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