Liposomes FAQ

Liposomes FAQ

What does Liposomal Mean? 

 A Supplement preparation that contains the Vitamins or Minerals inside very tiny, fat-like particles. This form is easier for the body to absorb and allows more of the supplement to get to the target area of the body.

What is a Liposomal Supplement? 

Liposomal supplements offer a unique delivery system with rapid uptake and effective delivery into the cells. Liposomes are highly efficient in terms of facilitating antioxidant delivery, and because they are prepared from natural phospholipids, they are biocompatible and nontoxic.

Should Liposomal Vitamins be taken on an empty Stomach? 

It is recommended to take Liposomal products on an empty stomach (at least ten minutes) before meals as it will be absorbed into the bloodstream faster