Oradix EDTA 1.0 (1000mg EDTA) Suppositories

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EDTA 1.0 by Oradix  are cocoa butter based rectal suppositories. EDTA 1.0™ is superior in effectiveness in removing toxins to other methods of Ca-EDTA chelation, such as IV chelation or oral chelation. 

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Dosage The recommended therapy is a minimum of three boxes of EDTA 1.0™. The total number of suppositories required depends on your toxicity level and exposure to toxic metals. Learn more about your toxic load with a Hair Test or a before and after challenge Urine Test. An EDTA 1.0™ suppository is recommended every third days in the evenings over the first two weeks for a ‘slow start’, and one every other evening afterwards at bedtime, or as recommended by your health care professional. EDTA has a profound role in toxic metal detoxification, in de-calcification of organs and the blood vessels, and in dispersing biofilms. Take Activated Charcoal caps whenever you take a suppository. For maintenance, use one full suppository weekly. 

EDTA 1.0™ suppositories have the highest level of professional strength CaNa2EDTA in any chelation suppository currently on the market, and are safer and more cost effective than IV chelation and Ca-EDTA oral chelation. CaNa2EDTA has been safely and widely used since the 1950s, to bind and remove toxic heavy metals from the body. After the insertion of a suppository, the calcium in the CaNa2EDTA is replaced by heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, manganese, iron, uranium, etc., and these are thus excreted from the body. Suppositories provide similar results to IV methods of administration since the ingredients in the suppository are absorbed by the wall of the rectum and carried straight into the systemic circulation (circumventing the entero-hepatic portal system where ingredients are broken down). Rectal absorption could be also compared to transdermal (through the skin) absorption. Mounting evidence suggests that clinical or even sub-clinical levels of environmental toxins are responsible for the exponential growth of chronic diseases, affecting our children, the elderly and others with compromised detoxification capabilities

Keep out of reach of children. Store at either room temperature or refrigerate. Never freeze.

How to Use EDTA 1.0™

  • it is recommended to eat your dinner and drink a glass of water two to three hours before your bedtime
  • empty your bowels before inserting the suppository
  • remove the plastic wrapping from one suppository
  • use one plastic glove (supplied in the box) for cleaner insertion with your finger
  • insert it gently into the rectum past the sphincter muscles
  • discard the plastic glove and wash your hands
  • try not to empty your bowels overnight (or for a few hours)
  • take Activated charcoal caps nightly when you take an EDTA 1.0™
  • take your daily vitamins as usual
  • take your minerals at least five hours before taking the suppository (to avoid mineral-toxin competition)
  • keep yourself hydrated while detoxifying
  • preferably eat organic, non-GMO, and 50% raw food
  • try to reduce/avoid EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation, emitted by cell phones, computers and Wi-Fi, to increase the rate of metal excretion from your body
  • do daily high intensity, intermittent bouts of exercises to improve blood and lymph circulation (and spike your HGH levels). Ideally, these high-intensity interval trainings consist a total of 10 minutes of very intense exertion (swimming, sprinting, jumping) with short recovery periods in between
  • reduce your calorie (and sugar) intake and/or fast a day weekly to open up your fat cells to release more (fat soluble) toxins.

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