Quicksilver Scientific Detox Qube 3 Month Supply

by QuickSilver Scientific®



Lower Toxic Metal Burdens and Build the Whole Detoxification System 

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3-month supply (IMD and Clearway Cofactors are larger in this product than the individual items for sale) The retail of these items separately is ?665.57

The QS DetoxQube includes the following:

  • Detox Qube Protocol with a 3-Month Supply of Products
  • IMD Intestinal Cleanse - 9gram
  • Etheric Delivery Glutathione - 6 Bottles
  • Etheric Delivery Vitamin C w/ R-Lipoic Acid - 6 Bottles
  • Clear Way Cofactors - 2 Bottles (120 caps each)

Key to successful detoxification is to be on the QS DetoxQube protocol a minimum of 3 months and slowly titrate up doses. The DetoxQube includes all three months' dosage requirements and additional suggestions for optimal health and safe detoxification.

Recommended time on each detox level? The time spent at different levels is determined by symptomology. Pick a low starting dose and stay there until symptoms subside and then move up; again stay there until symptoms subside and then move up again. You want to titrate up to high doses, stay there for a month or two and then go back down to the base and keep the momentum going for another 3-6 months. Average times would be:1 month at Level One 2-3 months at Level Two 1-2 months at Level ThreeBack down and staying at Level One for another 3-6 months or more

Dr Shades FAQ

Are there documented adverse effects?It is only typical detox symptoms, which some patients experience. Occasionally practitioners report sulfurous flatulence that does not pass. It is typical to be gassy for a few days and then stabilize. Others have to use a low dose but are not able to titrate up the doses over time. These difficult cases usually have gall bladder blockages or kidney disorders. 

How were these protocols created?The protocols were designed over two years of working with multiple practitioners and patients and their response to both the initial and follow-up mercury testing plus the patients' reported response to the detox. That is the only way protocols like this can be developed. 

What is the relevance of genetics to using the protocol?Genetic SNPs are important in tuning protocols. Specifically MTHFR homozygotes may need specific B vitamins. Most of the clients we work with have multiple heterozygous and homozygous mutations and thus the protocols evolved around these conditions. I personally have GST, MTHFR, SOD, MTTR, COMT, VDRtaq, and a few other mutations that make continuous detox support important for me. I am my own human experiment and this certainly motivates me to be on the leading edge of research and developing products. 

When do I add QS Liposomal EDTA to the QS DetoxQube protocol?This is added in somewhere within the first 3 months, depending on how you feel. The dose is 1 tsp/day. This dose can be reduced and worked up to, to mitigate detox symptoms. 

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