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Seeking Health believe there is a fundamental step missing, almost 100% of the time, in today’s healthcare system. A consistent focus on treating symptoms, rather than building health, can mean that you cycle in and out of symptoms and “treatment” over and over, sometimes for years. The root cause for many health conditions and symptoms stems from ineffective digestion and poor diet, along with other issues like environmental exposures, sleep issues and even a lack of community.

Seeking Health are here to see you constantly and consistently improve your life and health. Your body is a healing machine. It is literally made that way. Their true passion is prevention. If we can prevent disease and promote health through educating you and others on how to build and maintain a solid foundation, then that is Seeking Health's goal accomplished.

5-HTP 50mg | 100 vCapsules | Seeking Health £14.60
5-HTP Extended Release 200mg | 30 Tablets | Seeking Health £11.20
Acetyl-L-Carnitine | 90 Capsules | Seeking Health £23.95
Active B12 1000 | 60 Lozenges | Seeking Health £14.95
Active B12 5000 | 60 Lozenges | Seeking Health £27.95
Adeno B12 | 60 Lozenges | Seeking Health £16.90
Alpha R Lipoic Acid 100mg | 60 vCapsules | Seeking Health £28.75
B Complex Plus | 100 vCapsules | Seeking Health £25.25
B-Minus (B12 and Folate Free) | 100 vCapsules | Seeking Health £25.45
Bacillus Coagulans | 60 Capsules | Seeking Health £23.20
Calcium D Glucarate | 60 Capsules | Seeking Health £29.95
Folinic Acid | 60 vCapsules | Seeking Health £10.25

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