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  • Mary Richardson

    I have bought a couple of their products and have found them to be efficient and reliable.

  • Irene

    Having great results with megaspore for my son with moderate ASD, especially with one particular OCD/meltdown behaviour that we’ve been dealing with almost daily for 5 years. Within one week the behaviour was lessening and by the second week it had pretty much disappeared. Amazing game changer for my son and our family.

  • Dave Wood

    Game changing probiotic. Simply game changing. Has made the most enormous difference to my own histamine intolerance (which was confirmed via a DAO blood test). Also my overall gut function is much, much improved on it. Don't be fooled by very ignorant blog posts regarding "soil based spore forming probiotics" being unproven or in any sense foreign. The science on this is now very clear indeed, not only are they not foreign they are completely native to human guts and that's where they grow. Not in the soil. In soil they are dormant, waiting for a host to swallow some food with some soil still on it. Two of the strains in this have a very long history of clinical use. One of them has been prescribed by doctors since the 1950s. There's an excellent interview with Kiran Kirshanan, the microbiologist who specified the strains for MegaSporeBiotic with Dr Ruscio (functional medicine doc who specialises in gut health)

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Reformulated - To maintain the effectiveness of MegaSporeBiotic, Microbiome Labs have replaced Bacillus Indicus HU36 with the antioxidants it produces. These are Beta Carotene, Astaxanthin, Lutein and Lycopene and they achieve the exact same gut healing effects. 

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The use of spores as probiotics is highly important as spores are designed to survive through the gastric system and colonize well to produce the needed effects. Additionally, spores make a potent impact in the gut since the spore population in the gut is low enough that the 4 billion spores added each day through MegaSporeBiotic will make a potent impact on the sensory systems in the gastrointestinal tract to create beneficial effects. Spores are also important to police and defend the gut from unwanted microbes and to support the growth of the natural species found in each individual. 

First Carotenoid Rich Product:

MegaSporeBiotic contains the first commercial probiotic strain that contains a significant amount carotenoid antioxidants in the digestive tract where it is efficiently absorbed. This amazing nutrient factory is the first use of a probiotic to deliver highly bioavailable, essential micronutrients.

Beta-carotene, Astaxanthin, Lutein and Lycopene.

MegaSporeBiotic Benefits:

– Delivers 4 Billion Cells Daily for Maximum Potency & Absorption (Highest on the Market for Spore Probiotics)
– Supports Healthy Intestines
– Survives the Harsh Digestive Environment
– Supports a Healthy Immune System
– Produces Highly Absorbable Carotenoid Antioxidants

Dosage suggestions for MegaSporeBiotic™

Let the symptoms dictate the dosage especially when you are starting out with your client/patient

MegaSporeBiotic Vegetarian Capsules:
Week 1: take one capsule every other day with food (eg. with main meal of the day)
Week 2: take one capsule each day (with meal)
Week 3: take 2 capsules a day (both at the same time, with a meal/food)
Next 4 Weeks:take 2 a day (both at the same time, with food) – then talk with your nutritional therapist.

If any health reactions occur (such as loose stools) when taking 2 a day, ease back to 1 a day. Pay attention to how you are feeling (are the symptoms easing, disappearing, getting worse?) and adjust the dosage accordingly.

When the client/patient’s gut is more stable/balanced flora – then can move to a maintenance dose, which is suggested as 2 doses of 2 capsules per week.

For example; 2 capsules on a Sat, and 2 capsules on a Sunday. (It appears to be easier for the patient to be compliant with dosage when it’s linked to the weekend dates).

Remember for best results always take the MegaSporeBiotic capsules with food.



A culmination of published research shows that spores, like those found in MegaSporeBiotic, when used as probiotics could confer the following beneficial effects:

– Immune modulation to reduce allergies and asthma.
– Immune stimulation of peripheral T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes to fight colds, flus and infections.
– Decrease in frequency of urinary tract infections.
– Reduction in side effects related to antibiotic therapy.
– Effective treatment for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
– Diminished duration of diarrhea in children 3 to 36 months of age
– Reduced incidence of irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea.
– Immune response to adenovirus and influenza-A in-vitro.
– Improvement in pain scale in Rheumatoid arthritis patients .
– Reduces the inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease, IBS, ulcerative colitis.
– Improved growth of the natural flora.
– Improved digestion of food and a thus improved nutrient absorption.
– Production and absorption of critical nutrients – i.e. carotenoids, quinols, vitamins and enzymes.
– Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
– Reduction of cholesterol.
– Detoxification of the intestinal tract.
– Effective colonization.

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