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Optimal Electrolyte | Lemonade | 167g | Seeking Health

Optimal Electrolyte by Seeking Health provides key nutrients in an easy-to-use powder form. With no artificial flavours or colours, Optimal Electrolyte offers a healthy alternative to high-sugar sports drinks

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The proprietary Hydration Blend of Optimal Electrolyte is why it works well.

Optimal Electrolyte’s Hydration Blend deeply hydrates all of you.

To experience deep hydration, you have to get electrolytes inside every one of your cells.

That’s not easy.

Let’s talk energy first.

You have to use energy, a lot of energy, to literally pump electrolytes into your cells.

Pumping electrolytes into your cells is energetically very expensive.

40% of all your body’s energy is used hydrate you!

20-30% of your energy pumps potassium into your cell and pump sodium out.

10% of your energy pumps magnesium into your cell and calcium out.

The energy your body uses to pump electrolytes into your cells is called ATP.

You’re getting ATP with each sip of Hydration Blend.

The added niacin also supports healthy energy metabolism.

Let’s talk about osmolytes.

Taurine and HydroPrime are the other two key factors in Optimal Electrolyte’s Hydration Blend

HydroPrime is a trademarked and researched glycerol compound.

HydroPrime helps provide deep cellular hydration. When the osmolyte glycerol is consumed, it rapidly gets absorbed into your cells. Water follows glycerol so your cells become properly hydrated.

Taurine is another effective osmolyte. This, too, helps balance electrolytes and water inside your cells. 

Now let’s talk about the electrolytes themselves.

We provide a lot more potassium than sodium.


  • Potassium deficiency is present in 99% of women and 90% of men.
  • Sodium deficiency is extremely uncommon.
  • The primary electrolyte deficiency associated with muscle cramping is potassium.
  • If you need more salt, it’s very easy for you to add a pinch of salt from your own salt shaker at home than it is for you to find potassium somewhere.

We chose to use Himalayan pink salt as it is harvested from ancient caves. Sea salt contains microplastics. Ancient cave salt doesn’t. The taste of Himalayan pink salt is excellent as well. The taste may be due to the additional trace minerals found in it.





  • Sodium as real Himalayan Pink Salt & Potassium: Essential electrolytes that support hydration and water balance in cells. 99% of people are deficient in potassium which is why we have so much more potassium than sodium.
  • HydroPrime ®: Supports hydration status, especially when training in the heat, and supports healthy recovery. (Berry, Orange, and Lemonade flavours.) 
  • PeakATP ®: Supports exercise performance, recovery from fatigue and healthy blood flow. 
  • Niacin: A building block for NAD+, which are essential in the Krebs cycle for energy production.,
  • Magnesium: An essential electrolyte that provides an electrical charge for cell membrane function. It also supports healthy muscle contraction and repair.
  • Taurine: Supports magnesium absorption and healthy perspiration.



As needed, add 1 scoop to a glass or water bottle. Fill with 8 oz of filtered water. For best results, sip, hold, then swallow.

Do not take within 2 hours of bedtime. Use as directed by your healthcare professional.


Do not use if tamper seal is damaged.


Proper hydration is second to breathing in terms of importance to sustain a healthy life.


Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place out of reach by children. Do not store this product in direct sunlight or at high temperatures as these conditions may cause the powder to react.
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