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OPTIYOU Berry Flavour 30 sachets/servings Pack


OPTIYOU (Formerly Oxylent) is a 5-in-1 Multivitamin delivering Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Electrolytes in a Delicious berry flavour.

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Don’t let DehydrationFatigue or a Weakened Immune System hold you back – FUEL YOUR LIFE!

OPTIYOU is a powerful and comprehensive health food supplement drink, containing essential nutrients in their most absorbable form.

Refreshingly, Oxylent delivers Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Amino Acids and Electrolytes in a variety of delicious flavours, with absolutely ZERO sugar, calories, gluten, carbohydrates, caffeine, dairy, soy, GMOs, artificial sweeteners… or artificial anything…ensuring optimum support against dehydration, fatigue and a weakened immune system.

OPTIYOU – For WORK, for WORKOUTS, for PLAY, for LIFE – for the MULTI-YOU!

Suitable if: vegan, pregnant, breast-feeding, diabetic, coeliac, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, using anti-coagulant medication or have hemochromatosis. 


  • Energy
  • Immune System
  • Mental Health 
  • Muscle Function


Key Advantages

Support Immune System:
Vitamins C & D and Zinc, help support the normal functions of the immune system.

Reduce Fatigue & Release Energy:
The B vitamins B2, B12 & B6 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, whilst B12 & B6 help you to release energy.

Support Heart & Muscle Function:
Potassium, Calcium and Vitamin D contribute to normal muscle function. Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamin, contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and the heart.

Protect Against Oxidative Stress:
Zinc, Manganese, Selenium and Vitamin C contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Support Brain Function and Performance:
Pantothenic acid contributes to normal mental performance, whilst zinc contributes to normal cognitive functions.

Additional Key Benefits

  • Vegan
  • Suitable for all, including: diabetic, coeliac, lactose intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, pregnant, breast-feeding, using anti-coagulant medication or have hemochromatosis.
  • Effervescence offers better absorption, and therefore better results than pills or liquid food supplements.
  • Ideal for those unable to swallow pills or with compromised digestion.
  • A Healthier alternative to “sports drinks”, maintaining energy levels and preventing dehydration.
  • 3 delicious flavours (Mandarin, Berry and Blueberry), so you never get bored with your daily multivitamin.
  • Convenient “go anywhere” sachets – take Oxylent anywhere at anytime – when you wake, during work, after a workout or at the end of a big night out!

Suggested Use: Adults: 1 sachet daily. Just pour contents into a glass of water, stir & enjoy.   

Caution: Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. As always, consult with your doctor before use if pregnant or lactating. Do not use if sachet is torn.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients See Nutritional Information panel. Other Ingredients: Acidifier (citric acid), Sweetener (steviol glycosides), Anticaking (maize starch), flavouring (berries, beetroot). Variations in taste may occur due to natural fruit flavours.  

Nutritional Information



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