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ECAIA cartridge (3 Pack)

Brand: ECAIA

3x replacement cartridges (3-pack), suitable for mineral flow-through water ionizer ECAIA carafe.

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ECAIA cartridge is an all-in-one filter cartridge, which is manufactured by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL was developed for ECAIA carafe. The cartridge consists of a special mixture of activated carbon granules, which binds harmful substances and substances in itself when filtering the water. This is a very special mixture, which was developed during an intensive series of tests (over 1,000 different types of activated carbon!). ECAIA cartridge removes the following pollutants up to 99%: PCB, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, manganese, mercury, nickel, lead, copper, selenium, vanadium and many more.

In addition, ECAIA cartridge contains so-called "functional" ceramics, which have been part of traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries. Their effectiveness is ensured by the mixture of selected, rare minerals and by the preparation. These are finely ground and fired in high-temperature kilns to form small ceramic balls. This makes it possible to ionize the water, causing it to take on properties similar to human body water. Thus, it is optimally available to the body to perform important functions of water in the body. ECAIA water has an increased pH value, is rich in electrons and thus antioxidant. It contains increased OH- ions and thus bound oxygen; is finely clustered and very cell-permeable.
In addition, it has a highly soluble property.

Included in delivery: 3 x ECAIA cartrige (3 cartridges in one package) is sufficient for approx. 6 months or for 900 liters of water.

  • Filtration of pollutants up to 99%.
  • Filters only pollutants, important minerals remain in the water
  • Prevents the replication of microorganisms
  • Increases the base value up to pH 9.5, reaches a redox value up to -400mV
  • Absorbs chlorine, odors and colors
  • Long stock, enough for half a year!
  • Cheaper than single cartridges
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