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PEMF Beyond OMI Powerband - Advanced PEMF

Brand: OMI Oxford Medical

The advanced functionality OMI PowerBand PEMF Beyond Device features a high quality foldable PEMf band with a state of the art wireless operation unit with built in rechargeable battery and a downloadable controller app for iOS and Android. The device comes with 100+ preset programs and unlimited custom programs.

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Increased intensity PEMF device for the treatment of specific parts of the body.

The OMI PowerBand PEMF Beyond Device is an advanced technology that offers cutting-edge magnetic therapy for improved health and wellness. This device is designed to be user-friendly, convenient, and portable, making it easy for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

OMI PowerBand PEMF Beyond - Foldable PEMF therapy band:
  • OMI PowerBand PEMF Beyond - advanced functionality, increased intensity PEMF band for the treatment of the body parts
  • Just fold the wrap around the head, neck, arms, legs, ankles, etc.
  • Fully wireless with built in rechargeable batteries
  • Increased up to 1,200+ µT Max Intensity
  • OMI PowerBand comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime product support.
  • Oxford Medical Instruments' PEMF devices have been on the market for over 10 years
  • Ergonomic, fold-away design
  • Easy to use, no training required

The pulsing magnetic field promotes the body’s own regeneration processes and helps

  • to enhance micro-circulation and cell metabolism
  • to maximize mental clarity, focus and productivity
  • to increase energy and vitality
  • to aid relaxation
  • to sleep better and have better general mood
Package contains:
  • Applicator: Full body PEMF mat
  • Control unit
  • Power supply: DC adapter
  • User manual
Gross weight: 7.3 lb (3.3 kg)
Dimensions: 31.9 x 16.9 x 3.5 inch (81 x 43 x 9 cm)


Technical specifications
Size: 65 x 25.6 inch (165 x 65 cm)
Net weight: 5.1 lb (2.3 kg)
Power supply: DC adapter
Applicator: PU leather, polifoam
Programs: P1*, P2**, P3***
Frequency: 1-99 Hz
*P1: frequency gradually increases from 3 Hz to 38 Hz and then drops back
**P2: frequency continually and randomly changes between 1-99 Hz
***P3: you can decide on the level of frequency yourself

Easy and convenient to use. No special training is required. Just download the OMI Beyond controller app from the iOS Appstore, or the android Play Store. Connect the controller unit to the band and switch on the controller! All is very straightforward. Open the App on your phone and follow the guides! 

Packaging contains

PEMF Band, operating unit, wall adapter, user manual.

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